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No big deal on someone else's car
March 29, 2021    |     Articles

Surviving a Scratch   

But for those of us with a tendency to catastrophize the first scratch on a new car and similarly minor events, at least until they happen, I have some thoughts to share.

Together even apart
March 15, 2021    |     Articles

Virtualizing Part 3: Breakout Rooms   

If you plan to have any interactivity in your session, I highly recommend planning at least one split into breakout rooms.

Where I wish to be
March 1, 2021    |     Articles

An Argument for Pursuing Passions   

He was so relieved the first time it buzzed that when I got the call saying I had an offer, I immediately assumed that that small act had made all the difference.

An image worth 1,000 words
February 1, 2021    |     Articles

Choosing to Speak Says Volumes   

Coming hard on the heels of an undeniably difficult year, 2021 kicked off with insurrection in the United States capital, a historic inauguration, and the announcement of a precedent setting…

No planning means no line of sight to your target
January 11, 2021    |     Articles

2021 and the Evolution of Business Planning   

While it would be foolish to believe that the tolling of midnight on December 31st ushered in a return to predictability, there is reason to believe that over the course of 2021…

Logistics for Virtual events remind me of Escher
December 14, 2020    |     Articles

Virtualizing Events: Logistics Part 2   

This week is going to dive deeper into the question of how to approach multi-day events in a virtual setting. With that in mind, let’s dive in!

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