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Process Mapping

Have you ever had the feeling that your processes could be more efficient but were unsure where to start? Are you looking to hire and want to streamline your onboarding flow? They say that pictures are worth a thousand words and process maps are the business pictures that can unlock your team’s potential for both existing and future employees.

Process Mapping

Know who, why, when, and how at a glance.

As businesses grow, the processes they follow often become increasingly complex. As more team members enter the picture, variations appear and questions arise about who is supposed to be doing what and when.

Often, the default solution is handbooks and manuals filled with lengthy text explanations and checklists. But when the pressure to deliver is high, few people will stop to read the details. When a new challenge arises, checklists rarely have an answer to, “What now?”

Perhaps most frustrating of all is that feeling of “we could be doing this better” but no one is quite sure how to make the change. Ownership of a step may be unclear and without a clear understanding of the downstream implications, ideas can stall on the drawing board.

Process Maps, however, allow individuals and teams to confirm a shared understanding of how work should be done. With steps and owners clearly visualized, current employees and new hires alike can quickly confirm the expectations for their own teams and others.

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