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Keeping up with the market is tearing organizations apart from the inside out. Leaders are trying to scale simply by hiring good people and find themselves playing accountability whack-a-mole instead.

As an accidental engineer, I am a people oriented person who has stumbled into some rather deep technical skills. Harvard and USC educated, Google and HERE Technologies trained, I know that systems engineering works for even the most complex systems – those comprised of people.

I am here to share those skills and prepare leaders to create effective structures that will act as the scaffold on which their companies can build sustainable growth.

Scaffolding Sustainable Growth

People may be at the heart of every organization but that’s no reason to treat them like a human pyramid.

“Structure” has a earned a bad rap from overengineered processes that stifle creativity and innovation but the truth is that teams, and individuals, function most effectively when working within clear boundaries and expectations. When a minimum ruleset has been established, leaders and employees alike can lean on the invisible infrastructure while focusing on doing their best work within their areas of ownership. A scaffold is rarely sexy but it makes the most amazing structures possible.

Key Takeaways

  1. The ability to see the “invisible infrastructure” that makes an organization work
  2. Understanding what it means to scaffold for sustainable growth
  3. Insight into the weakest elements of your structure – and how to start shoring them up
Preventing the Accountability Gap - Accountability as a Process

How often have you heard a leader bemoaning how hard it is to “hold” someone “accountable”? How often have you been that leader?

Here is the catch: Accountability is NOT a moment. It is NOT an action. It is NOT a single decision. Accountability is more than that – accountability is a process. More importantly, it is an actionable process that you and your team can start using today so that you can stop talking about who should have taken accountability or why no one did.

Key Takeaways

  1. How to view Accountability as a 3-step Process
  2. Detailed breakdown of Step 1 (Setting the Stage)
  3. Actionable plan for getting the process started
Building Hybrid Teams - How to be Effective with both Remote and Co-located Employees

Whether thinking about “going hybrid” or already experiencing the challenges of mixed virtual and in-person work, a few concepts can help prepare any team for more effective collaboration in the Hybrid World.

Many leaders are eagerly awaiting the “return to the office” but most organizations are underestimating the challenges hybrid work poses. Ensuring that your People and Processes will thrive in a hybrid state requires targeted planning and an operating model or processes designed specifically with hybrid collaboration in mind. Fortunately, there is plenty of opportunity for smaller teams and companies to stand on the shoulders of giants as they plan for, or dive into, this new way of working. Starting with concepts like “structured informality”, this is a talk about the potential contradictions of hybrid operations and how to leverage them to your best advantage.

Key Takeaways

  1. Colocated, remote, and hybrid teams require different norms to function effectively
  2. Hybrid can be *harder* than either colocated or remote collaboration
  3. Three best practices for building and leading effective hybrid teams

All talks can be delivered virtually or in person and will be tailored to the specific audience so that examples resonate. Topics can also be transformed into workshops upon request.

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