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Preventing the gap is even better than minding the gap!
February 17, 2024     |     Articles
Preventing the Accountability Gap - Accountability as a Process
Accountability is NOT a moment. It is NOT an action. It is NOT a single decision. Accountability is a process and with a few tweaks to how you think about accountability, you can dramatically reduce the number of times “accountability” pops up as a pain point.
December 12, 2023    |     Articles

This is the Asterisk   

I gave a TEDx talk*, led a meeting for my networking group*, released my first book*, became an international best selling author (and a #1 US bestseller)*, and ran a sub-2 hour half marathon* in a 3 month span. Even I have to admit that that all looks impressive as a list but there is more to the story. Here they are – the asterisks that go with every item on the list and a glimpse into what it took to create that list!

Who is really the right fit?
October 23, 2023    |     Articles

Who Really is the Right Fit (Ch 8 Excerpt)   

Generation Innovation will be released in early November but you can read a sneak preview from Chapter 8 (Who is really the right fit?) today! In this excerpt, Kate is considering how to expand her leadership team and Nancy shares a story from her own past that gives Kate pause about her current plan.

Data security can be crucial and complicated
September 25, 2023    |     Articles

Security Will Get Personal (Ch 3 Excerpt)   

Generation Innovation will be released in early November but you can read a sneak preview from Chapter 3 (Security will get personal) today! In this excerpt, Kate is debriefing MoveMobile’s first move where things did not go exactly as planned…

August 22, 2023    |     Articles

Operating Model? What’s that?   

Operating Model projects are my favorite type of work to do through Belleview but few of my clients have heard that term before we start working together so I thought it was time to share a bit more detail. At heart, a Belleview-supported Operating Model is an Org Chart, Leveling Framework, and Collaboration Model that enable efficient operations. Of course, there is more to the story in the full article.

Business by the Bay
July 24, 2023    |     Podcasts

Belle Walker on Business by the Bay   

In July 2023, Belle Walker appeared on the Business by the Bay radio show hosted by Ajay Saini. Listen now for a great conversation about taking organizations from Friction to Function

RTO Can Support or Destroy Collaboration
July 19, 2023    |     Articles

RTO Policies: Structure, Purpose, and Flexibility   

There is no silver bullet solution but there are common elements that every company start with when crafting an RTO policy

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