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Belleview Consulting

Struggling with growing pains? Looking to kickstart stalled operational growth? Just looking to find and remove roadblocks for your organization’s operations? These are the situations Belleview Consulting was born to address. We help you create customized solutions that will work for your unique situation.

When teams understand how accountability is distributed and individuals come together to achieve goals, organizations win. Belleview Consulting helps leaders recapture lost efficiency and accomplish more with happier teams. We are experts on operating models, process maps, and more.

Proven results span industries ranging from Tech to nonprofit and cannabis to professional services. Belleview’s approach can take any team from Friction to Function™.

About Belle Walker

Belle Walker is the Founder and Lead Consultant of Belleview Consulting. The original Organizational Efficiency Engineer, Belle takes clients from Friction to Function™ by aligning structures and processes with strategy.

Prior Career

Prior to full time consulting, Belle spent her career building and optimizing teams. These teams had missions ranging from complex, safety-critical operations to the cutting edge of AI and autonomous driving. Belle honed her skills at multi-billion dollar companies but she has also worked for early stage startups and small, closely held organizations.

At Google, Belle managed the initial Street View vehicle rollout and built a nationwide aerial photography operation. Later, she created the Product Management function for Future Ads and led Marketing and Customer Service for The Plan9 Group.

At HERE Technologies, she built the team responsible for Quality, Efficiency, and Data Operations for the HD maps used by autonomous vehicles. Merging project managers, data scientists, systems engineers, and more, offered ample opportunity for Belle to hone and refine her organizational design and leadership skills. Her work for HERE Technologies also earned Belle a patent for the Quality Index. Simply, the Quality Index allows autonomous vehicles to use digital just like any other sensor in their environmental models.


With a Mechanical Engineering bachelor’s degree from Harvard University and a Systems Engineering master’s degree from the University of Southern California, Belle leverages the engineering problem solving process to design and build the most complex systems possible: those comprised of individuals.

Taking organizations
from Friction to Function™

Organizational misalignments are a common pain point – particularly for high growth startups. Watch our explainer video to learn more about how these situations develop and how Belleview helps close the resulting gaps.

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