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Operating Model Design

When you catch yourself wondering “Why are we struggling to keep up with our business’ growth?” or thinking “So this is what business growing pains feels like”, it may be time to take a look at your organization’s Operating Model. Well defined Operating Models improve efficiency and engagement while allowing organizations to scale their operations to keep up with top line growth.

Model Design

For teams that are ready to row together. In small organizations, carefully defined roles and responsibilities can cause problems. There is often more work to be done than there are people available. 

For these teams, success depends on everyone stepping into the gaps and pushing towards a shared goal.

But as the team grows, collaboration becomes far more complex. Eventually, leaders can find themselves feeling as though they are standing in a riverbed, single-handedly holding up a dam when they would far rather be checking to see if the dam is even in the right place. The difference between the dam about to fall apart when the leader steps away and the dam that stands on its own is a well defined and clearly communicated Operating Model.

Operating Models center around an org chart but contain so much more. Org charts alone assume that everyone knows what it means to be a “manager” and how that is different from being a “director”. Org charts alone assume that each team is clear on when and how to collaborate with other functions.

A fully defined Operating Model looks beyond the boxes and lines of a typical org chart. With clearly defined roles and explicit expectations around the interdependencies across teams, the Operating Model allows the team to stand strong and deliver while the leaders focus on pointing the way.

Operating Model Maturity Assessment

    Everyone knows what areas, processes, metrics, etc they are specifically responsible for. They know how strategic or tactical they are expected to be.

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    With access to a colleague's team name and title, an employee would immediately have a rough sense of their responsibilities and scope.

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    There is clear traceability from each person's individual goals and areas of ownership to the top level company objectives.

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    Individuals and teams who need to meet regularly do, regardless of whether they belong to the same "branch" of the organization.

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    I have a clear philosophy that explains our organizational structure and metrics that demonstrate just how efficient we really are.

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