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June 26, 2024    |     Articles

Structuring for Engagement of Levers and Fulcrums   

The Archimedes quote that begins “Give me a lever long enough” highlights the need for both “Levers” (aka visionaries) and “Fulcrums” (aka implementers) if you truly want to have a meaningful impact on the world. But how can you structure your organization actually incorporate and support both?

May 22, 2024    |     Articles

Reflecting on The Friction Project   

In this installment of my “Dear More Successful Authors” series, I take a look at The Friction Project by Bob Sutton and Huggy Rao. Spoiler alert, as a consultant who has built her business around the tagline “Friction to Function”, I am a huge fan of having an entire book about “friction” in organizations!

April 23, 2024    |     Articles

Energy Budgets and RTO Policies   

One facet of strong leadership and effective management is recognizing the time and energy limits every human must eventually face and making the best use of what time and energy is actually available. One context where this has come up frequently in recently months is during Return to Office (RTO) conversations.

Preventing the gap is even better than minding the gap!
February 17, 2024    |     Articles

Preventing the Accountability Gap – Accountability as a Process   

Accountability is NOT a moment. It is NOT an action. It is NOT a single decision. Accountability is a process and with a few tweaks to how you think about accountability, you can dramatically reduce the number of times “accountability” pops up as a pain point.

December 12, 2023    |     Articles

This is the Asterisk   

I gave a TEDx talk*, led a meeting for my networking group*, released my first book*, became an international best selling author (and a #1 US bestseller)*, and ran a sub-2 hour half marathon* in a 3 month span. Even I have to admit that that all looks impressive as a list but there is more to the story. Here they are – the asterisks that go with every item on the list and a glimpse into what it took to create that list!

Who is really the right fit?
October 23, 2023    |     Articles

Who Really is the Right Fit (Ch 8 Excerpt)   

Generation Innovation will be released in early November but you can read a sneak preview from Chapter 8 (Who is really the right fit?) today! In this excerpt, Kate is considering how to expand her leadership team and Nancy shares a story from her own past that gives Kate pause about her current plan.

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