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May 18, 2022    |     Articles

Businesses is Businesses   

Just as each person is a unique individual, each organization is its own special snowflake.  The solutions that will best serve one set of people will likely be different from what can best serve any other organization – or even the same organization in a different phase of its growth or maturity.  But the *process* you follow to find those solutions can be remarkably consistent.

Living the Cliche - New Baby, New Perspective
April 12, 2022    |     Articles

Living the Cliché – New Baby, New Perspective   

I found out that my upcoming TEDx event was cancelled while feeding my 5 week old son. Moments after we hung up, he started fussing.  Talk about putting things into perspective! I am sure that there will be many moments that crystallize my priorities but this was the first time since he was born that I saw so clearly how my professional and personal identities have shifted.

Middle Management Changes Orgs
March 18, 2022    |     Articles

Middle Management: When, Why, How   

Is your team ready for a middle management layer? Stopping to think about Why or Why Not to move forward may give you the answer and guide you in taking the first steps

Same blocks, different outcomes
January 26, 2022    |     Articles

Success Factors for Everyone – In House or Independent   

Are the success factors for a corporate executive really so different from an independent consultant? Many would argue YES but Belle Walker thinks that the answer may be more complicated.

To Resolve or Not to Resolve
December 21, 2021    |     Articles

January Resolutions: Valuable or Simply Vogue?   

If you happen to know exactly what you want to change in mid-July, there is no need to wait for January to the action. But the reality is that we often need some form of external prompt to actually kick off these moments of self-reflection.

Tricksy words are worse than gibberish!
November 22, 2021    |     Articles

Tricksy Words   

Some words seem familiar and obvious in their definition while actually lying at the heart of numerous misunderstandings. I have dubbed these “Tricksy Words” and developed an algorithm for spotting them. Do you know what your organization’s Tricksy Words are?

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