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Use your Zoom name as a message to other attendees
June 28, 2021    |     Articles

My 5 Favorite Zoom Tricks   

I am on a bit of a Zoom kick right now and since I have been getting plenty of positive feedback, I am leaning into the trend!

Visualizing Complex Concepts Together
June 7, 2021    |     Articles

Virtualizing Events Part 5: Annotations   

The past year has convinced me that Annotations are the single most underappreciated function of most virtual events. So why wait until Part 5 to address them?

Frustration Revisited
May 17, 2021    |     Articles

A Confounded Experiment Revisited – Working Remotely During COVID   

Despite a year of data on the productivity, efficacy, and desirability of remote work, the past year remains a confounded experiment!

Chat takes many forms
April 19, 2021    |     Articles

Virtualizing Events Part 4: Chat   

I personally adore having the ability to “parallel process” topics with simultaneous verbal and written discussions and am delighted that every virtual event platform I have encountered offers some degree of chat capability.

No big deal on someone else's car
March 29, 2021    |     Articles

Surviving a Scratch   

But for those of us with a tendency to catastrophize the first scratch on a new car and similarly minor events, at least until they happen, I have some thoughts to share.

Together even apart
March 15, 2021    |     Articles

Virtualizing Part 3: Breakout Rooms   

If you plan to have any interactivity in your session, I highly recommend planning at least one split into breakout rooms.

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