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NFP Bootcamp

Our Mission: Train Nonprofit (NFP) leaders in business best practices to improve the daily experience of those dedicating their careers to the greater good and to increase the resources available for their missions.

NFP Bootcamp

Business best practices to maximize mission impact. Created by Belleview Consulting’s founder, Belle Walker, the NFP Bootcamp was inspired by nonprofit leaders who felt left behind by trainings and insights offered exclusively to the for-profit world. 

Along with three other professionals, the NFP Bootcamp brings the same education and insights offered to for-profit leaders to their nonprofit colleagues. With its hands on, practical focus, NFP Bootcamp is a unique experience.

Past participants in the NFP Bootcamp have described the program as a “fantastic experience” with “clear, actionable steps” that drove meaningful change even after the first weeks of the program. Belle leads Sessions 3 and 4, focusing on the four most common reasons teams fail. Her goal is to provide participants with the tools they need to avoid and overcome the most common stumbling blocks by supporting and enabling their teams.

To learn more about this exciting opportunity for nonprofit leaders, download the flier and visit the website.

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