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Panel of Leaders
October 26, 2021    |     Webinars

Return to Work Workshop Series – Leaders Panel   

In Part 3, leaders from a variety of industries and organizations came together to discuss the challenges they have faced and share their own decision making processes. While there were key themes across all participants, it was also obvious that there are no universal answers.

Customers and Clients in a Hybrid World
October 6, 2021    |     Webinars

Return to Work Workshop Series – Customers and Clients   

In Part 2, the focus was on how customers and clients have changed their expectations around face to face and virtual service. Regardless of industry, balancing employee desires with customer expectations is crucial to a successful, long term Return to Work but this may be easier said than done!

To Return or Not to Return
September 16, 2021    |     Webinars

Return to Work Workshop Series – To Return or Not to Return   

Should your organization Return to Work in physical offices? Where do you even begin to answer such a question? Start with this video!

CTO Connection
September 14, 2021    |     Webinars

Building Hybrid Teams – CTO Summit Session   

CTO Summit brings together a community of technical leaders for insights, discussions, and support. Belle Walker’s talk on building hybrid teams to be effective with both co-located and remote employees was selected for the Structuring Your Org Summit. With a pre-recorded video and live Q&A, attendees came away with many insights on Hybrid Teams and

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