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June 22, 2023    |     Articles

Dear Michael Gerber   

The truth is that I have really struggled to engage with the eMyth books, by Michael Gerber, despite his opus arguably being a bestselling set of advertisements for my services.

Gaining energy on Zoom
May 23, 2023    |     Articles

Zooming While Extroverted   

Throughout the pandemic, I found myself feeling energized after spending 20+ hours per week on Zoom and recently had a chance to reflect on how I got so lucky. This led me to a 3-part recipe that I hope will also help others to feel more connected after Zooming all day long.

April 24, 2023    |     Articles

Overhead: Cost or Investment   

When times get tough, the tough start cutting “overhead” expenses. But what are the *smart* leaders doing? Challenging times are a great opportunity to reflect on where you are spending and where you could be investing instead.

February 26, 2023    |     Articles

Virtual or In Person: Which is Truly Better?   

When I tried to create clear rules for determining when to go with a virtual or an in person event, I realized that (with a few exceptions) how you plan is going to drive your success more than the venue you choose

January 26, 2023    |     Articles

The Calculus of Performance Management   

We tend to assess our products, teams, and organizations against fewer parameters than the average baseball fan. It may seem counterintuitive but I suggest that you make your performance management process less efficient to make it more effective.

December 20, 2022    |     Articles

Dear Ben Horowitz, Yes AND!   

I have realized that Horowitz’s process is actually a more detailed breakdown of the last step of my own approach.  So today I thought I would put one of my favorite communication tools (Yes AND) into practice…

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