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Each "step" in a kaleidoscope changes several things
November 16, 2020    |     Articles

Step 1: Take One Step   

My belief, and experience, has been that the most effective way to break this internal deadlock is to simply pick one reasonable decision, take a single action, and then reassess to choose the next step.

Teams are what we make them
October 26, 2020    |     Articles

A Tale of Two Teams   

Two organizations were consistently positive outliers. What was particularly interesting about these two teams was that they shared few descriptors beyond their Pulse scores.

Hierarchy can be blind
October 5, 2020    |     Articles

Versus or Variation? Hierarchy and Self-Organizing Teams   

Let’s just start by calling out the elephant in the room: “hierarchy” can be a polarizing term. As with all tools, a hierarchy is only as effective as the use to which it is put and the expertise with which it is leveraged.

Delegation Dilbert Style
September 28, 2020    |     Articles

Delegation Platinum Style   

There is something about growing up in a family with four children that makes the importance of delegation obvious long before entering the workforce.

Micromanagement have taken on mythic proportions
September 8, 2020    |     Articles

Invisible Infrastructure: Debunking the Micromanagement Myth   

Completely independent operations were a technology-induced necessity and micromanagement was effectively impossible.

A forest of colleagues
August 17, 2020    |     Articles

Lost in the Forest? Who You Gonna Call?   

Planning and executing such changes can be overwhelming and while most business owners have clear strengths, few people are highly skilled in all the areas required for such fundamental changes.

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