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More desks used to mean more money
May 18, 2020    |     News

Rethinking Open Office Configurations for Fun and Profit   

I have come to hope that one of the brightest silver linings of this pandemic may just be the death of open offices as we know them!

Communication takes many forms
May 4, 2020    |     News

Communication is What Ties us Together   

Being forced to work remotely while dealing with a global crisis has given us a roadmap for how we can, and should, work differently while maintaining our effectiveness – from the tools we use to the messages we share.

Value is always a good idea
April 27, 2020    |     News

Value is More than Revenue   

Regardless of whether we would have chosen this context for inspiration, it is foolhardy to pass up the chance to strengthen the value our businesses bring to the marketplace and to our “people”.

So many groups
April 20, 2020    |     News

“People” is More Than Employees   

COVID is creating a chance, or maybe a need, to ask what you can do to support a broader community than the one that normally shelters under your company’s umbrella.

Easier to balance in theory than in practice
April 13, 2020    |     News

Employment is More Than Financial Compensation   

It is easy to focus on the financial ties that bind an employer to their team when trying to “do the right thing”. But there is more to it than that.

So much potential
March 2, 2020    |     News

You’ve Got a Friend in Conway   

Both of us are familiar with Conway’s Law (system design will reflect the organization that created it). But Andrew’s talk outlined a very different approach to realignment than mine.

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