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Operating Model Design

Driving Cultural Changes with Technology

Technology weaves its way through everything a modern company does. This means that the IT strategy and tools that team members use to communicate can actively shape the corporate culture. Technology changes often drive cultural changes yet many organizations overlook the tremendous impact of technology on culture, instead seeing the two concepts as distantly related at best.

This connection becomes particularly important when an organization is ready for a technology strategy overhaul. The introduction of major tool changes, shifts in IT support, and more can shape everything from who communicates with who to how formal the conversations are likely to be. When it is time to rethink a technology strategy, organizations have a perfect opportunity to also drive desired cultural changes.

Watch the video below to learn more about how a nonprofit leveraged their IT overhaul to accelerate cultural changes already in motion. To see if your organization could benefit from a similar review and refresh, make an appointment with Belle!

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