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August 22, 2023    |     Articles

Operating Model? What’s that?   

Operating Model projects are my favorite type of work to do through Belleview but few of my clients have heard that term before we start working together so I thought it was time to share a bit more detail. At heart, a Belleview-supported Operating Model is an Org Chart, Leveling Framework, and Collaboration Model that enable efficient operations. Of course, there is more to the story in the full article.

RTO Can Support or Destroy Collaboration
July 19, 2023    |     Articles

RTO Policies: Structure, Purpose, and Flexibility   

There is no silver bullet solution but there are common elements that every company start with when crafting an RTO policy

June 22, 2023    |     Articles

Dear Michael Gerber   

The truth is that I have really struggled to engage with the eMyth books, by Michael Gerber, despite his opus arguably being a bestselling set of advertisements for my services.

Gaining energy on Zoom
May 23, 2023    |     Articles

Zooming While Extroverted   

Throughout the pandemic, I found myself feeling energized after spending 20+ hours per week on Zoom and recently had a chance to reflect on how I got so lucky. This led me to a 3-part recipe that I hope will also help others to feel more connected after Zooming all day long.

April 24, 2023    |     Articles

Overhead: Cost or Investment   

When times get tough, the tough start cutting “overhead” expenses. But what are the *smart* leaders doing? Challenging times are a great opportunity to reflect on where you are spending and where you could be investing instead.

February 26, 2023    |     Articles

Virtual or In Person: Which is Truly Better?   

When I tried to create clear rules for determining when to go with a virtual or an in person event, I realized that (with a few exceptions) how you plan is going to drive your success more than the venue you choose

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