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Preventing the gap is even better than minding the gap!
February 17, 2024    |     Articles

Preventing the Accountability Gap – Accountability as a Process   

Accountability is NOT a moment. It is NOT an action. It is NOT a single decision. Accountability is a process and with a few tweaks to how you think about accountability, you can dramatically reduce the number of times “accountability” pops up as a pain point.

June 22, 2023    |     Articles

Dear Michael Gerber   

The truth is that I have really struggled to engage with the eMyth books, by Michael Gerber, despite his opus arguably being a bestselling set of advertisements for my services.

January 26, 2023    |     Articles

The Calculus of Performance Management   

We tend to assess our products, teams, and organizations against fewer parameters than the average baseball fan. It may seem counterintuitive but I suggest that you make your performance management process less efficient to make it more effective.

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