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May 22, 2024    |     Articles

Reflecting on The Friction Project   

In this installment of my “Dear More Successful Authors” series, I take a look at The Friction Project by Bob Sutton and Huggy Rao. Spoiler alert, as a consultant who has built her business around the tagline “Friction to Function”, I am a huge fan of having an entire book about “friction” in organizations!

November 15, 2022    |     Articles

Byproduct or Best Product   

The more specialized the roles or the more mature the business, the smaller the team will be when it is ready to think intentionally about roles, accountability, and structured collaboration.  Specialization and maturity seem like good things.  “Structure” is often seen as restrictive and annoying.  So why would these attributes create an earlier need for structure than a more generalized free for all?

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