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Belleview Consulting helps leaders recapture lost efficiency and accomplish more with happier teams. We use lines of accountability, our proprietary approach combining organizational structure, operating models, and communication channels, to clearly articulate the paths from business goals to products and technology. With clarity about how work gets done, employees can be more effective and efficient, which increase empowerment and engagement. Whether you are struggling with growing pains, are looking to re-engage and streamline a recently reduced workforce, or are simply looking to find and remove roadblocks for your organization, Belleview Consulting can help you create solutions that will work for your unique situation.

When was the last time your thought about your culture-as-envisioned, assessed your culture-as-experienced, and checked if the two were seamlessly aligned?  Belleview Consulting is now offering Culture Alignment Workshops.

Corporate cultures evolve over time, opening up gaps between the culture-as-envisioned by a leadership team and the culture-as-experienced by an organization.  These misalignments generate significant friction, even when the discrepancies are small or when the changes to culture-as-experienced are inspiring positive shifts in the leadership team’s vision.  The COVID-19 pandemic has thrust us all into unanticipated situations, exacerbating existing issues but also offering unique learning opportunities.  Regardless of whether your culture felt ideal 3 months ago, now is a perfect time to invest a few hours into considering what you wish to carry forward from these last few weeks.  Learn more from our flier or contact us directly to see if this workshop might be right for you!

Belle Walker is the Founder and Lead Consultant of Belleview Consulting.  Until April 2019, she was a Director of Engineering at HERE Technologies, an industry leader in digital mapping.  There, she built several successful teams, including one responsible for content and process quality, process efficiency, and operational excellence for the HD Live Map product.  Merging data scientists, software engineers, systems engineers, project managers, and more, showcased Belle’s organizational design and leadership skills.

Belle began her career at Google, where she built a nation-wide aerial photography operation and supported the Street View vehicle roll-out.  After Google, Belle earned a master’s degree at USC, studying the application of systems engineering and operations research to organizations.  Her work demonstrated that the principles can apply equally well to systems of humans as to systems of steel or code.  Belle then led Product Management for a digital marketing company based in Irvine before moving back to the Bay Area for her role at HERE.  In between these roles, she launched Belleview Consulting in 2012, turning her full attention to the company in late 2019.

Belle holds a Master’s degree from the University of Southern California in Systems Architecting and Engineering and a Bachelor’s degree from Harvard in Mechanical Engineering.

Belle Walker - Founder and Lead Consultant

Belle Walker

Lead Consultant

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If you have been struggling with growing pains, recently faced workforce reductions, or simply feel that you are spinning your wheels, contact us today to learn more about what Belleview Consulting can bring to your table

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